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NW fahrenheit cr gtx

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Δώρο με την αγορά ποδηλάτου
Δώρο με την αγορά ποδηλάτου


The first bike Gore-Tex® shoes launched exclusively by Northwave guarantees all-out water protection combined with excellent breathability. All this means top comfort feel on the move with all weather condition. The microclimate created inside the shoe makes you confront the longest trips out without fatiguing or overheating your feet. Northwave & WL Gore winning partners when you're on the attack. Gore-Tex® Guaranteed to Keep you dry Gore® and designs are trademarks of W. L. Gore® & Associates.

Thermic insulated construction
Thermic Insulated Construction is a new construction system used to provide performance for the Celsius and Fahrenheit products and guarantees:

•Maximum thermal insulation in the upper part of the collar and the area where the shoe connects with the pedal. The insulating material that completely covers the holes of the plate offers better heat protection for the lower part of the foot.
•Better protection against the rain, particularly on the upper part of the shoe. The
material can also be easily washed after cycling in muddy conditions.
•Footwear with unbeatable breathability

Speed Lace System is a fast and functional closing systemfor a perfect hold on the foot. Just pull the cord and push the mechanism downwards automatically locking the lacing in place. It is easy to release simply by pressing on the lever and pulling the mechanism upwards.

• Sierra Membrane Thermal Lining
• Indicative Range -10C/+15C
• Waterproof and Warm
• Upper: Gore Tex
• Jaws Carbon Reinforced Sole
• Speedlace System + Velcro
• Ultra Y Heel
• Special GTX Footbed
• Sole: Nylon filled with fiber glass and enriched with carbon powder that gives the sole greater stiffness than usual. This allows reduced weight and a closer distance between feet and pedal.

"Northwave have done a really good job in producing a shoe that performs as well as my carbon racing shoes and yet are if anything more comfortable." - Quest Adventure blog review.

 Cycling Weekly - "Compared to most winter boots, the Fahrenheits look and feel far sleeker" 9/10

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